ALS Life Sciences Europe is your reliable partner for chemical analysis of environmental samples; soil, water, biota, emissions and waste, food, pharmaceuticals, consumer products and others. ALS offers a broad portfolio of tests including microbiology, organic contaminants, metals and isotopes. Below you can find links to our national websites and general contact information.

Latest news

ALS Acquires ALcontrol’s UK Businesses

Nov 30, 2016

ALS Limited is pleased to confirm the acquisition of ALcontrol’s food, water and environmental businesses in the UK from ALcontrol Financial Ltd with immediate effect. The deal includes the acquisition of the ALcontrol laboratories in Hawarden, Rotherham, Aberdeen,... Read more »

ALS opens office in Austria

Nov 29, 2016

ALS is pleased to announce the opening of our new office in Vienna, Austria.

In charge of ALS operations in Austria is Dr. Reinhard Kupferschmidt. Reinhard recently joined ALS following an extensive career working for several multinational companies in both Austria and other European countries.

Bruno Granger, Business Manager Mainland Europe comments:

Opening an office in Austria was the natural next step for ALS and in-line with our expansion strategy.... Read more »

Safety as a priority produces results - LTIFR down to 0.97

Oct 21, 2016

Safety as a priority” is one of the core values of ALS. ALS has therefore defined a 13 point “foundation standard” setting out the company’s expectations with regard to working safety which all ALS staff are required to comply with. ALS monitors its safety performance in a number of ways however one of the central KPI’s is LTIFR (Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate). ALS current LTIFR is 0.97 - well below the... Read more »

ALS in europe

ALS Life Sciences in Europe employs over 1200 professional laboratory and support personnel in 40 locations across 13 countries. The European network consists of modern, analytical, ISO 17025 accredited laboratories and national service centers. Main laboratories are located in the Czech Republic, Sweden, United Kingdom, Turkey, Portugal and Denmark. National service centers and smaller laboratories are located in Norway, Finland, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Ireland and Spain.